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When you don’t have the proper coverage, it’s dangerous to go alone.

You understand that technology is critical to your company’s success, but does your technology get the attention it deserves? If your in-house IT staff is overburdened, they may find it difficult to keep up. This, in turn, puts them in an unenviable position of working hard and not being appreciated for the level or amount of work being performed.

If your business doesn’t have the appropriate IT budget to bring on more experienced IT personnel, it may make more sense to outsource certain elements of your IT department to properly trained IT personnel. Additionally, with our certified technicians, you’ll gain skilled IT professionals to depend on when the time comes to implement new procedures or to resolve tricky issues.

Improve Your Business Operations

Scalable Co-managed IT services give your organization options.

Technology support is a field that requires vast amounts of knowledge that only comes from experience. If your team is busy integrating new changes to your organization's technology, some of the support might get put off, or go completely unresolved. For example, if patches aren’t issued regularly, your systems will quickly grow outdated and be vulnerable to the host of online threats.

Through our powerful monitoring and management tools, we can automate necessary upgrades to keep your environment secure. With our comprehensive support services, your in-house team benefits from our team's extensive knowledge in managing business technology.

Reliability and Accessibility

Give your team the peace of mind.

You might recall moments when an IT employee’s absence is felt around the office. This can be a major setback, even if they’re only gone for a day. Our support services make planning for vacations and paid time off easier.

Our dedicated, on-site team members will provide the availability and expertise needed to mitigate downtime-causing circumstances, whether your in-house IT staff is absent from the office, or not. Infracore provides your staff powerful support options before they run into trouble.

Cost-Efficient and Predictable

Cut your technology support costs.

You already know that co-managed IT is like hiring new personnel, but it comes without the hefty operational expense that are associated with hiring new staff. Our services are scalable and is delivered at an affordable flat rate, making them ideal for just about any budget.

Unlike your typical break-fix IT, our co-managed IT solutions are designed to help you save money in the long run through preventative measures. We’ll help your business get its technology issues resolved the first time, which in turn saves you more money on costly repair bills or replacement fees.

Get the Support You Need with Co-Managed IT

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Infracore's IT solutions are designed to help your in-house IT staff achieve maximum productivity without sacrificing quality. You’ll gain access to skilled professionals who are trained to deliver quality service at an affordable rate. For more information about our co-managed IT solutions, give us a call at (858) 509-1970.

Benefits of Managed IT


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